Post Scriptum. New Year’s Fair And More

On December 242011, a series of final events within “Culture Reloaded“ will be held in Kudymkar. Although the official closing ceremony of the Program took place last week already, the Executive Office met a decision to suggest another format for residents of the town themselves – “Culture Reloaded. Post Scriptum“.

The main news of last days was the fact that the auction for the transferring of the building of the multicultural space ”Ethnosquat” to a kindergarten has been cancelled’, said Zoya LUKYANOVA, Program Director of “Culture Reloaded”, at the final press ryt, which was held at the Program’s Executive Office. ‘So, the building will remain in the hands of the local youth also at the start of the New Year. Nevertheless, financing from the side of our Program is about to end as early as in December, whereas money resources are needed for the upkeep of the “Ethnosquat“ and the payment of communal fees at the initial stage. And we would like to invite town residents to the New Year’s Trade Fair, which will take place in the “Ethnosquat“ on December 24th from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m., and to help the youth of the town to reserve this alternative cultural site for themselves’.

A wide cultural program has been prepared for visitors – review of actual exhibitions, a charity rap concert, an all-prize lotterya traditional Christmas drink – non-alcoholic mulled wine – and, certainly, the fair itself, where interesting and useful lots may be purchased at redundant prices. All the production payments will be transferred for the “Ethnosquat“’s upkeep. Organizers would also like to invite all the people, who are eager to set their things and subjects for the auction. Further information may be obtained at + 7 904 84 41 360 or + 7 902 47 66 162.

’”Culture Reloaded’ goes on with its work in Kudymkar, summarized Svetlana KOLCHURINA, Program’s Executive Director. ‘So, in a short-term perspective, the following events are being expected – ”Sizimok”, a performance by Anatoly Radostev, whose public opening evening will take place on December 25, 2011, at 3 p.m., at the Subbotin-Permyak Museum as well as publication of additional editions of the children’s book “My Kudymkar”. The town has got bright infrastructural objects now – works of street art, including originally painted houses, ”Ethnosquat”, whereas results of the largest project – ”Cultural Block” – will be seen by the residents of Kudymkar next year. However, the most important discovery of this year is new people, who used their chance and approved themselves in an excellent way – volunteers, cultural managers, creative guys and girls. Exactly they will care for a sustainable development of the projects, initiated in the course of the year of “Culture Reloaded”’.

By the way, one of the Programs results in Kudymkar turned out to be the foundation of a nonprofit organization, created by active participants of “Culture Reloaded”, – Ekaterina Sokolchik, Yulia Kayurova, and Evgeniya Podyanova. Founders expressed their wish to take responsibility for the “Ethnosquat already as well as their interest in further projects.

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Culture Reloaded. To Be Continued

On December 14, 2011, the official Closing Ceremony of the Program “Culture Reloaded“ was held in Kudymkar. However, associates of the Office and local cultural managers are not inclined to stop where they are: Events within “Culture Reloaded“ are on-going, working plans for the next year have been discussed.

‘We consider that major target of the Program has been achieved’, said Svetlana KOLCHURINA, Executive Director of “Culture Reloaded“, at the press conference at the multicultural space “Ethnosquat“. ‘In the town, a new generation of art managers appeared, together with whom we realized probably the most creative projects of the Program – Festival of Modern Cultures “Izyur“, “Art Glade“, children’s book “My Kudymkar“, “Ethnosquat“, and many others. Under supervision of Ekaterina Sokolchik, a team of volunteers has been formed, who provided priceless help to organizers in the “Ethnosquat“’s reconstruction process and carrying-out of the Program’s events’.

The day started at 1:30 p.m. at the Administration of the Town of Kudymkar with the presentation of the large infrastructure project “Cultural Block“. After one hour, at the neighbouring Central Children’s Librarya master class for children on the books “My Kudymkar“, which were published from the financial sources of the Program, as well as their transfer to local students took place. Afterwards, the attention of guests was transferred to the “Ethnosquat“, where general rehearsal of the mono performance in Permian Komi “Sizimok” based on the works by Anatoly Radostev as well as presentation of the new disc of rap music, recorded at the studio SK.what Records“, that was created in the “Ethnosquat“’s building, were held. Guests had an opportunity to take a look at as many as seven exhibitions, which were opened here simultaneously, – photo reports by Max Chetin, Sergei Ponomarev, and Anna Bezukladnikova as well as exhibitions by graffiti painters Rodion Bayandin, Yuri Vaskin, Sergei Gachegov, and Maxim Karavaev.

The cultural life in Kudymkar will not get its end, after the official closing ceremony is over’, assured Zoya LUKYANOVA, Program Director of “Culture Reloaded“’. ’On December 23, 2011, we will meet our partners in Kudymkar once again at the Celebration “Culture Reloaded, Post Scriptum”, will thank them for co-operation, and discuss plans for the future. By the way, all the town residents will be greeted with a pleasant surprise on this day. Besides, the Project “Cultural Block“ will be completed next year, beyond the Program already. Finally, new people will be able to realize creative ideas, whose basis was laid in the course of the year of “reloading“, after a new nonprofit organization founded by Ekaterina Sokolchik, Yulia Kayurova, and Evgeniya Podyanova will be formed’.
As regards the Program “Perm Region – Territory of Culture 2011, its festive closing ceremony will be held on December 15, 2011 in Perm, where Kudymkar along with further cultural centres – Kultaevo and Vsevolodo-Vilva – will give over the honourable status to the winners of 2012 – Gubakha, Krasnovishersk, and Uralsky respectively.

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Month of Exhibitions at the “Ethnosquat”

All are welcome to get familiar with exhibitions for every choice at the “Ethnosquat“ in the course of the entire December! The busy month started with the demonstration of photo works by Max Chetin and Sergei Ponomarev as well as pictures of modern artists from Kudymkar.

At the personal photo exhibition by Maxim Chetin, about 50 works are displayed – portraits of town residents, animals, town and natural views. ’Another exhibition will let see Kudymkar from the height of birds’ flight’, says Dmitry Maiburov, Project Manager of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded“ and Art Curator. ’Here photosshot by Sergei Ponomarev from the deltaplane, are showed. Green Kudymkar, Red Mountain, suburban nature, known blocks – all that can be seen at the exhibition, which bears the exact title –  ”Kudymkar. View From Above”’.

Only three months passed from the demonstration of artistic works within the Festival of Modern Cultures “Izyur“. By the way, almost all the canvases were purchased by guests and town residents and occupied honourable places in personal collections not only of residents of Kudymkar and the Perm Region but also art gurus from abroad.

Nevertheless, guys decided not to stop, where they are: As early as on December 6, 2011, the opening ceremony of the new exhibition of 4 young artists from Kudymkar – Rodion Bayandin, Sergei Gachegov, Maxim Karavaev, and Yuri Vaskin – took place. Everybody of them has his own exhibition space and idea. For example, a Kudym-Osh with an “Adidas” cap or Pera the Mighty as an advanced user of the “Apple“ computer may be met here.

’My part is devoted to outstanding and famous personalities from the town and the District’, gives comments to his exhibition 16-year-old Maxim Karavaev. ‘Here are Vasily Klimov and Vitaly Onkov, and there are the intelligence officer Kuznetsov and our well-known compatriot Subbotin-Permyak. And here I collected famous political activists of the modern times – Igor Bykariz, Minister of the Affairs of the Permian Komi DistrictAlexei Petrov, Deputy of the Lawmaking Assembly; Anatoly Golubkov, Head of the Town; Yuri Asatryan, Head of the Administration of Kudymkar…

Exhibitions at the “Ethnosquat“ will continue their work until December 31, 2011. They are open for visits daily from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. Admission is free. Address: 16, Stroiteley St., Kudymkar.

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Ksenia Vorontsova From Udmurtia Became “Northstar”

On December 7, 2011, the Final of the International Beauty Contest for Finno-Ugric Girls “Northstar 2011“ was held at the Cultural and Business Centre of the City of Perm. Its winner became Ksenia Vorontsova from Udmurtia, Art director of the Centre of Culture and Folk Arts “Invozho“.

In the course of the press communication, Ksenia shared her joy with spectators and journalists: ’I have waited for this victory all my life long. I am really happy that my knowledge of the Udmurt culture, language, and traditions were correspondingly evaluated by the competent jury: In my native village of Zarechny Vishur, they have been speaking Udmurt until now and sacredly honouring predecessors’ customs’.

Apart from Ksenia Vorontsova, the Contest Final was attended by seven girls – Yulia Barakovskaya (Murmansk Region, Saami); Madli Vilsar (Miss Estonia 2011), holder of the second place and the nomination “Shining of the North“; Ekaterina Zhukova (Permian Komi District); Natalia Spiridonova (Perm Region, Mari); Nina Tarabukina (Republic of Komi); Anastasia Utrobina (St. Petersburg, Permian Komi), who was awarded with the 3rd place and the nomination “Hope of the North“; Daria Uchvatova (Mordovia, Moksha).

’This year’s Contest was innovative in many senses’, explained Svetlana KOLCHURINA, Executive Director of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded“. – ’First of all, the event approached the international level for the first time in its history thanks to the participation of Madli Vilsar. Besides, girls had been training from December 1-5, 2011 with professional pedagogues in choreography, acting skills, diction in the building of the Permian Komi Ethnocultural Centre in Kudymkar, anticipating the Final. Moreover, the Contest bears not only an educating and show mission but also acquired a charity sounding: Every participant prepared a piece, which is connected with the culture of her people, and went to the auction with it: Raised money were forwarded to the account of the Perm Children’s Oncological Centre’.

The organizers had been working with JSC “Cultural Capital“ at the theatricals – Director Lev Kataev and Commercial Director Sofia Kuzmenko, long-time partners of the elimination round “Parma’s Beauty“, which was held in the Permian Komi District last year.

’In the Contest Final, girls showed several numbers’, commented Tatyana KLIMOVA, Head of the Department of the Ethnocultural Development of the Ministry of the Permian Komi District. ’These were defile in ethnic clothes, introduction number, national rite, sport dance, defile with use of elements of the design clothes, the number with evening dresses’.

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Girls Are Leaving Kudymkar

On December 5, 2011, participants of the Beauty Contest for Finno-Ugric Girls “Northstar 2011“ finished the preparation stage of the event and are moving to Perm, where the Contest’s Final will take place at the Cultural and Business Centre on December 7th.

’The girls have tough rehearsal days behind them: Not much time is left now – and we will know the long-awaited name of the winner’, said Tatyana KLIMOVA, Head of the Department of the Ethnocultural Development of the Ministry of the Permian Komi District, at the press conference at the State Regional Cultural Institution “Permian Komi Ethnocultural Centre“. ’Certainly, we would like to have one of our Permian Komi contestants – Anastasia Utrobina or Ekaterina Zhukova – as a person, who will celebrate her success, like it used to be last time in Syktyvkar in 2009. However, the competition will be everything but easy – Ksenia Vorontsova from Udmurtia, Nina Tarabukina from the Republic of Komi, Saami Yulia Barakovskaya from the Murmansk Region, Moksha Daria Uchvatova from Mordovia, Mari Natalia Spiridonova from the Perm Region, and Miss Estonia – 2011 Madli Vilsar!’

Within the tough working schedule of the preparation stage, participants trained common numbers, worked at solo performances, learnt defile technics and address on stage; portfolio photos as well as videos of numbers were shot, too. One day before the Final, girls will have last opportunity to correct their performances and try the designers’ collection from a “Northstar“’s partner – the Agency “Great Model“ (Perm). However, the upcoming event is not only a beauty show but also a humanitarian action.

’For me as a person with rich experiences in volunteers’ work, and at the “Red Cross“ Organization in particular, the social background of such contests is extremely vital’, confessed Madli VILSAR. ’That is why I would be glad to help the Perm Children’s Oncological Centre and take part in an auction, which will be carried out within the “Northstar“ Competition on December 6th as a support for the institution. I am convinced that this charity action will help fighting the disease and necessarily improve authority of the anticipating event’.

The Final of the Contest “Northstar 2011” will be held on December 7, 2011, at 6 p.m., at the Cultural and Business Centre of the City of Perm. For residents of the Permian Komi District, who wish to visit the event, free shuttle buses for the route Kudymkar-Perm-Kudymkar will be provided (departures from the capital of the Permian Komi District at 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.). Should you have any questions, please call + 7 34260 4 17 07 or + 7 904 845 34 56. Further information may be obtained at the website of “Culture Reloaded“ http://permikomi.com/index.php?id=80 as well as at the website of the Ministry of Affairs of the Permian Komi District http://www.minkpo.permkrai.ru/node/1005.

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My First Book About the Town

On December 22011, the master class for teachers, tutors, and librarians as well as the presentation of the new children’s book “My Kudymkar“ were held at the Central Children’s Library.

’When we made a similar book within the Program “Pécs – European Capital of Culture 2010we hoped that our technology would be creatively rethought also in other settlements, but didn’t believe that this would happen so fast’, said Eszther TÒTH, project’s curator from Hungary, at the press conference after the end of the master class. ‘And suddenly two books appeared in 2011 at once – the first one in Kudymkar and another one in the Romanian town of Sfantu Gheorghe. I would like to underline explicitly that these are not editions, identical with the original project, but versions, adapted for history, geographical situation, and life in the specific town’.

In the process of the creation of the book “My Kudymkar”, many things were carried out for the first time: For instance, there were no projects of that kind realized in the Perm Region before, and in Russia in general either, while this used to be the first author’s work from A to Z in the sphere of children’s literature for the composer of the book – the journalist Elena ISTOMINA.

The book has 106 pages and turned out to be interactive, with a rich graphic materials, wide opportunities for an independent work – in one word, it needs a creative approach’, pointed out Elena ISTOMINA. ’For an effective use of this book, the understanding of implemented methodical preferences is vital; that’s why the carrying-out of the master class is not a coincidence, The final version consists of 5 chapters, devoted to history and famous residents of the capital of the Permian Komi District, its sights and architecture, resort and entertainment places, public space as well as industrial objects and transportation infrastructure. At the end of the manual, the information on cultural institutions, sport sections, children’s and youth centres is attached; a notebook for remarks is also included’.

The book appeared not only thanks to the creative team, which was formed – apart from mentioned authors – by the famous designer and artist Natalia MAKARIKHINA, who was born in Kudymkar, Kristina LAZAREVA from Perm, and editor Lyudmila RATEGOVA, but also thanks to a full strength of helperrs – Elena Dunina, Director of the Permian Komi Subbotin-Permyak District Local History Museum. Larisa Karavaeva, Museum’s employee, Tamara Shilova, former editor of the radio station “Vesti-Kudymkar“, the priest Konstantin from the Saint Nicholas’s Church, Svetlana Kolchurina, Executive Director of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded“, Zoya Lukyanova, Program Director of “Culture Reloaded“, and many others.

In the evening the welcome party on occasion of the book’s presentation, which was attended by all the people, who are connected with the publication in this or that way, was held at the multicultural space “Ethnosquat“, everybody of whom – just like master class participants and journalists – received a valuable copy from the author Elena ISTOMINA. The Head of the Town of Kudymkar Anatoly Golubkov came to the event, too.

It is believed that the book will be translated into Permian Komi in the nearest future. Besides, Perm also showed its interest in the positive experience of Kudymkar and is thinking of printing a similar manual about the capital of the Kama Region for children from different age groups.

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Round Table on the “Ethnosquat”‘s Present and Future

On November 23, 2011, the round table devoted to the results of activities and development plans of the “Ethnosquat“ was held in the new youth centre. In the discussion, the general public of Kudymkar, representatives of the Town Administration, the Town Duma of Kudymkar, journalists, entrepreneurs, and further interested parties took part. The moderator of the round table was Yulia Kayurova.

In the beginning of discussion, young people, who have been involved in different kinds of creativity at the “Ethnosquat“, – Ilya Nikitin, Mikhail Suranov, Kirill Lobanov, and others – reported on the squating philosophy and opportunities for self-realization at this site. Their older colleagues – Ekaterina Sokolchik and Evgeniya Podyanova – shared perspectives for development of the space next year, including the transfer of the object to the self-sufficient basis: In particular, such forms of activities as arrangement of concert tours, carrying-out of birthdays with attraction of “Ethnosquat“’s creative forces, sales of products of such creative arts – knitted pieces, compact discs, and so on as well as financing of activities by grant money from a new nonprofit organization, being created in Kudymkar, were mentioned.

After a brief presentation of the site, the meeting acquired a format of an open discussion. In its course, the “Ethnosquat“ was supported by Anna Bezukladnikova, Lecturer of the Branch of the Udmurt State University at Kudymkar, Zoya Razheva, Deputy of the Town Duma, Petr Korolev, Director of the Centre for Education …

Igor Bykariz, Head of the Permian Komi District – Minister of the Perm Region, supported guys and girls but also reminded of an alternative site on the territory of Kudymkar, where the youth could gather, – the Permian Komi Ethnocultural Centre. In her turn, Svetlana Aristova, Director of the Ethnocultural Centre, spoke out for the further use of the “Ethnosquat“ by young people but expressed her willingness to give a part of her building to them, if needed, whereas Tatyana Klimova, Head of the Department of Ethnocultural Development of the Ministry of the Affairs of the Permian Komi District, wished the youth would work more with the ethnic topic, which has been financed by the budget of the Ministry, and spend a part of subsidies for upkeep of the “Ethnosquat“.

At the end, the word was passed to nominal owners of the building – representatives of the Administration of the Town of Kudymkar. Yury Asatryan, Head of the Administration, pointed out: ’We always support youth initiatives and would like guys staying in our town, because they are our future. As regards these premises, the building was suggested for an auction for its conversion into a private kindergarten one month ago’.

The line under the discussion was drawn by Anatoly Golubkov, the Head of the Town of Kudymkar: ’As of today, the agreement has its power, according to which the building was given over to the Executive Office of the Program “Culture Reloaded“ until the end of the year. The auction is scheduled for December 16th indeed, but shouldn’t be people there, who would wish to take this object for the construction of a kindergarten on its territory, we will be glad to look at specific suggestions from the youth of the town regarding the continuation of the “Ethnosquat”’s functioning’.

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Worldwide Reading of the Works by Heinrich von Kleist at the “Ethnosquat”

On November 21, 2011, on the day of the 200th anniversary from the date of death of the famous German writer Heinrich von Kleist, readings from the works of the author were held in more than 140 settlements worldwide.

In Kudymkar, readings started as early as in the morning at the Educational Centre, where an excerpt from the Kleist’s story “The Marquise of O” was recited in German (Sergei Tereshenkov), Russian (Petr Korolev), and Permian Komi (Vasily Kolchurin, author of the translation).

At 7 p.m. the event was continued at the multicultural space “Ethnosquat”. Anticipating the evening, Sergei Tereshenkov and Petr Korolev led a discussion on life and works of Heinrich von Kleist. Afterwards, the audience came over to the reading itself, being interrupted by biography and historical additions to the author’s and his works’ fate.

The Reading was held in four languages – German, English, Russian, and Permian Komi. Apart from the mentioned story “The Marquise of O”, the following works were recited – the poem “The Highest Peace” and an excerpt from the work “On the Puppet Theatre” (Sergei Tereshenkov) in German as well as “Project for a Cannonball Postal System” (Yulia Kayurova and Olga Gagarina), the anecdote “The Embarrassed Magistrate” (Yulia Kayurova) and the paradox “One Thinking Things Over” (Svetlana Aristova) in English. Ekaterina Sokolchik retold the story “Michael Kohlhaas” in Russian, whereas Vlad Khoroshev and Olga Luneva read mutual letters of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel in a rap style.

It is worth to remember that the Worldwide Reading from the Works by the German writer was organized by the International Literature Festival (Berlin)and the Heinrich von Kleist’s Society (Cologne). In the capital of the Permian Komi District, the event was held within the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded”.

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Is There Life After the Program?

The coming winter turned out to be possibly the most active period in the realization of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded“. On November 18th, the presentation of the new website of the Subbotin-Permyak Permian Komi District Local History Museum within the conference “Museum: New Development Opportunities“ took place, which is available at www.subbotin-permyak.com.

Now the centre of the cultural life moved to the multifunctional space “Ethnosquat“: On November 21st, Kudymkar – along with more than 140 settlements all over the world – was joining the Reading of works by the German author Heinrich von Kleist, which are devoted to the 200th anniversary from the date of death of the great writer and were held in Russian, German, English, and even Permian Komi; and as early as on November 23rd, at 6 p.m., public consultations regarding the further development of the “Ethnosquat“ will be arranged there.

’The idea of discussion on development plans at the “Ethnosquat“ was expressed by the youth of Kudymkar itself, first of all, by guys and girls, who visit the building’, explained Zoya LUKYANOVA, Program Director of “Culture Reloaded“, at the press conference of the Ministry of Culture, Youth Policy, and Mass Communications of the Perm Region. ’They would like to go on with their activities also after the Program is over, whereas representatives of the Town Administration, in their turn, announced many times that they supported youth initiatives. So, the discussion on “Ethnosquat“’s perspectives will be held on November 23rd with participation of a general public of the Town of Kudymkar, power bodies, journalists, and other interested parties’.

Within the Program’s block “Rise of Life Quality of Town Residents through Culture“, another great event awaits Kudymkar and the Perm Region in general – the Beauty Contest for Finno-Ugric Girls “Northstar“, whose preliminiary stage will be held from December 1-5, 2011 in the capital of the Permian Komi District and the final – on December 7th, at 6 p.m., at the Cultural and Business Centre of the City of Perm.

’As of today, applications for the participation in the Contest were provided by 8 girls’, told Tatyana KLIMOVA, Head of the Department of Ethnocultural Development at the Ministry of the Affairs of the Permian Komi District. ’These are Ksenia Vorontsova from Udmurtia, Nina Tarabukina from the Republic of Komi, Daria Uchvatova from Mordovia, Yulia Barakovskaya, a representative of the Saami minority from the Murmansk Region, the Mari Natalia Spiridonova, who lives on the territory of the Perm Region, as well as Permian Komi participants Anastasia Utrobina and Ekaterina Zhukova. The international status of the Contest will be corresponded by the arrival of Madli Vilsar, Miss Estonia – 2011’.

The closing ceremony of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded“ will take place on December 14th in Kudymkar and on December 15th in Perm. Organizers have been preparing a lot of surprises for the ceremony and believe that the official end of the Program will be the actual beginning only.

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Miss Estonia is Coming to Us

Beauty Contest for the Finno-Ugric Girls “Northstar-2011“, whose preliminiary stage will take place in Kudymkar from December 1-5, 2011 and the final on December 7th in Perm, will be visited by a foreign participant for the first time – Madli Vilsar, holder of the title “Miss Estonia – 2011“.

’The Interregional Contest “Northstar“ has been carried out for six years every two years so far’, told Svetlana KOLCHURINA, Executive Director of the Program “Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded”, at another press ryt, which was held at the Program’s Executive Office. ‘Thanks to the Permian Komi Anastasia Krokhalevathe winner of 2009, the event will take place in the Perm Region for the first time, whereas the visit of Miss Estonia 2011 means promotion of the Contest for a new level: Although girls participated in the Contest “Northstar” before, who belonged to non-indigenous Russian Finno-Ugric peoples, and the Finnish ethnos in particular, no representatives of foreign countries have appeared at the Contest yet’.

Apart from Madli Vilsarapplications for the Contest were sent by Ksenia Vorontsova from Udmurtia, Nina Tarabukina from the Republic of Komi, and Daria Uchvatova from Mordovia, who went through a tough selection process on the Republican level; the arrival of Yuliya Barakovskaya, representative of the Saami minority from the Murmansk Region, also the winner of the regional stage of the Contest, and the Mari Natalia Spiridonova, who lives in the Perm Region, are awaited, too. The Permian Komi nation will be represented by participants of the Contest “Parma’s Beauty”, who got awards in different nominations in 2010, – Anastasia Utrobina and Ekaterina Zhukova.

In the course of the preliminiary stage in Kudymkarall the girls will train common numberswork at solo performanceslearn defile technics as well as address on stage’, commented Tatyana KLIMOVA, Head of the Department of Ethnocultural Development at the Ministry of the Affairs of the Permian Komi District. ‘However, participants will not only work hard: They will be able to get familiar with the Permian Komi people, their ethnic traditions, cuisine. Besides, a town tour, visits to the theatre building being constructed as well as the Subbotin-Permyak Museum, interaction with handicraft masters, performances by folklore bands will be arranged’.

The Final of the Contest “Northstar-2011” will be held on December 7, 2011, at 6 p.m., at the Cultural and Business Centre of the City of Perm. For residents of the Permian Komi District, who wish to visit the event, free shuttle buses for the route Kudymkar-Perm-Kudymkar will be provided. Further information may be seen at the website of “Culture Reloaded“ http://permikomi.com/index.php?id=119 and the webpage of the Ministry of Affairs of the Permian Komi District http://www.minkpo.permkrai.ru/node/1005.

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